From Homeless to Home Ownership

Who We Are

Broken Restored Redeemed Ministries is a 501c3(Charity). We are one of the largest faith-based Housing Homeless Ministries that promotes rebuilding of our communities through our Housing Program Service FROM HOMELESS TO HOME OWNERSHIP by teaching accountability, responsibility and sustainability.

What We Do

Broken Restored Redeemed Ministries bridges the gap between Society and Behavioral health agencies, Law enforcement and Social services.


We advocate for and provide for young adults, individuals, and families who have suffered from mental illness, generational poverty and job loss.


Our organization Provides Emergency Housing for facing. Our Mission is to help support and sustain individuals Housing Placement Needs, with support of our community rebuilding one family at time Foundation.


Families who received housing assistance since December 2016.

Monthly move In 40 Famlies

With help of our Realtors

Private Lanlords,Hud Properties


Clients served across all our programs since we were founded.

We've Walked That Road Too.


The Stone family has journeyed through homelessness, financial loss, health circumstances and the loss of beloved family members.


Traveling from state to state for 15 years, the Stone family experienced unexpected financial hardship - and then learned the difficulty of qualifying for services.


During their journey, their Family was tested and they separated for a time. Mrs. Stone sought spiritual guidance through prayer and the Bible. That is where the Father revealed their home - and her spiritual home with Christ - had been broken.


While regaining that spiritual relationship, Mrs. Stone was restored. Little did she know that her testimony would help thousands of families with housing resources and housing placement.


With love, patience, the help of family members, social services, churches and the community, they were able to sustain a home.


Their experienced drove them to establish the Stone Boykin Foundation in 2014, which evolved into Broken, Restored, Redeemed Ministries in 2016.

Today, Minister Stone, together with their family, community partners and church family enjoy loving and serving members of their community who are also walking paths of hardship. 

Lives Touched + People Served - Daily.